Doshisha Review of Sociology

Doshisha Review of Sociology is issued by Doshisha Society for Study of Sociology annually


Title Author Link to repository
Seismic culture as a risk and resilience communication device Shigeo TATSUKI PDF
From Shunsuke Tsurumi to “sociology” of “people”: Toward Japanese culture culture after the war Yoshiji AWATANI PDF
Measurement of training effect by Disaster Response Competency Profile Inspection Paper Aya TSUIOKA
Population / Specimen / Random variable: Inference statistics of social survey (1) Hisataka KOBAYASHI PDF
Discrete random variable and its distribution: inference statistics of social survey (2) Hisataka KOBAYASHI PDF
Continuous random variable and its distribution: inference statistics of social survey (3) Hisataka KOBAYASHI PDF


Title Author Link to repository
Employment structure in French and career of highly educated people: Influence on inflation and inequality Masayo FUJIMOTO PDF
Residents’ Autonomy Organization in Yomitan Village, Okinawa Prefecture: Its Transformation and Possibility Kumiko SUGIMOTO   PDF
Research on development process of citizen activity by the elderly: action research aimed at solving the problem of “weak shoppers” in big cities Kuniaki SHISHIDO   PDF
By Miloš Debnár Migration, whiteness, and cosmopolitanism : Europeans in Japan, Palgrave Macmillan, 2016, xi+235 p. Shohei NAKAMURA   PDF


Title Author Link to repository
Laughter as a discourse marker and “comedy”: trial study for practical use of frame analysis Nobutoshi NAKAGAWA PDF
Social Distance and Cooperativeness of Occupation: Factors to Define Cognitive Distance Keizou YAMAMOTO PDF
Reconsidering Personal Network Theory: Towards Breakout from “Community Fantasy” and “Coupled Family Principles Eri YOSHIDA PDF
Experience census investigators Takeo KONO PDF
Memorial Mr. Tamio Hattori Makio MORIKAWA PDF


Title Author Link to repository
Diversification and increasing complexity in the contemporary migration to Japan : from the experience of the Europeans in Japan Milos DEBNAR   PDF
Marriage hunting and the collapse of contemporary family : child care and career conscience Yuriko HASEGAWA   PDF
Individualism in the works of Natsume Soseki and Émile Durkheim Motoki NONOMURA   PDF
The friendship network of Chinese international students in Japan  Wen LI   PDF

No. 18

Title Author Link to repository
Early evidence, challenges and their practice implications in disaster counter-measures for people with special needs following the 2011 Eastern Japan Earthquake Shigeo TATSUKI PDF
A study of people who demand severe punishment for crimes Akihiro NISHIOKA PDF
An introduction to searching for literatures and survey data for sociological study Keizo YAMAMOTO,
Xiaolin ZHANG,

No. 17

Title Author Link to repository
A sociological approach to business succession in Kyoto-based old-established companies : a case study of “Hanbey” Mitsuo KAWAGUCHI,
Shaojie DOU
Gender equality education policy in South Korea Hyang-Nam KIM PDF
From game to gamification : constructing the new reality Shouhei KOBAYASHI PDF
Data check program using Microsoft Excel VBA : how to use DCSR (Data Checker for Social Research) Keizo YAMAMOTO,
Jeongwoon KIM,

No. 16

Title Author Link to repository
When multiculturalism appears obsolete : multiculturalism and Hong Kong immigrants in Canada Makio MORIKAWA PDF
An employment system and job change of highly educated in high mobility society : a fieldwork survey at Silicon Valley Masayo FUJIMOTO PDF
A departure for the peace in East Asia : origins and formations of the East Asian cultural community and its future prospects Gwi-Ok KIM PDF
Reconsidering “individual active choice” in the family lifestyle theory Yoshimi KATAOKA PDF
Basic sense of solidarity and voting participation : a tentative analysis of the deep factor of voting participation Takeshi SARUWATARI PDF
Employment of highly educated foreigners in Japan Nina HAKKARAINEN PDF
Introduction to Stata for social research data analyses : from data reading to basic analysis Keizo YAMAMOTO PDF
Visualization of person-in-environment-model-based disaster vulnerability using ArcGIS 10 : case study of two school districts in Kyoto city Anna MATSUKAWA,

No. 15

Title Author Link to repository
Things as actors : some reflections on the extension of the concept of agency Fabio GYGI PDF
National identity and attitudes towards other nations : the relationship between feelings to one’s own nation and impressions of other nations Jeongwoon KIM PDF
The intersection between local communities and study groups in regional women’s associations : the case of the regional women’s association of Konan city in Shiga prefecture Takako INOUE PDF
Construction of “Generations” in post-war Japan : consumer society and generations Yoichi OKAMOTO PDF
Global warming from the perspective of social constructionism analysis : focusing on the discourse of scientists Miki NOMA PDF
How to use Excel in social research Hisataka KOBAYASHI,
Jeongwoon KIM,

No. 14

Title Author Link to repository
Internal differences between young full-time employees and part-timers (freeters) Keizo YAMAMOTO PDF
Advances and changes in research on Chinese social networks: from traditional networks to hobby networks Fang BA PDF
Some aspects of academic meritocracy in Taiwan : from the 1980’s onward Kunfeng HUANG PDF
The consensual-system family and the rights of children: issues suggested by the Finnish policies for the empowerment of children Yoshimi KATAOKA PDF
Ajisaka Manabu: Urban migrants and their associations (2009, Horitsubunkasha) Takafumi IIDA PDF
A letter from Beijing Makio MORIKAWA PDF

No. 13

Title Author Link to repository
Brewing Engineers : Their Regional Network and Cosmopolitan Intention : A Case of Fushimi Brewers Masayo FUJIMOTO,
A Basic Tendency of Class Identification in 2005 SSM : Focusing on the Bias in the Distribution and the Percentage of DK/NA Daisuke KOBAYASHI PDF
A Basic Analysis of Change of Occupation Hisataka KOBAYASHI PDF
Introduction for the Analysis of Social Research Data : About Tutorials of Syntax on SPSS Hisataka KOBAYASHI
Ajisaka Manabu, Komatu hideo: Kyoto no ‘machi’ no shakaigaku (sociology of local community about Kyoto) Manabu AJISAKA PDF

No. 12

Title Author Link to repository
Shifting Domain Assumptions in Social Movement Theory Kozo UKAI PDF
Long-term Life Recovery from Disaster : A Substantive Review Akiko KUROMIYA PDF
The Difference of Occupational Achievement Orientation Between Male and Female College Students Hirohumi TAKI PDF
How to Make a Dataset for Quantitative Analysis from Social Research Data Hisataka KOBAYASHI,
Aamaki Shihomi “Care and communication: sociology for family and gender” Yoshimi KATAOKA PDF

No. 11

Title Author Link to repository
Changing the World the Jawaiian Way : Reggae, Pacific Islands Music, and Social Agency amongst Japanese Fans Bruce WHITE PDF
Roundup of “Illicitly Brewed Liquor” by Colonial Power in Korea : A Study of Documents in National Archives Ryuta ITAGAKI PDF
A Consideration for the TIAO CAO “a job hopping” in Contemporary China : Through a Life of Woman in the Coastal City of China Kei NAKAMURA PDF
Vector and Matrix : Method and Technique in Sociological Quantitative Analysis (1) Hisataka KOBAYASHI PDF
Educational Effects of Fieldwork Mitsuo KAWAGUCHI PDF
野々山久也著『現代家族の変動分析―直系性家族・夫婦制家族から合意制家族へ―』 Shigeo TATSUKI PDF

No. 10

Title Author Link to repository
The Correlation of Electronic and Face To Face Communication in Corporate Organizations Masayo FUJIMOTO PDF
A Life of Doshisha Taiwanese alumni Mitsuo KAWAGUCHI PDF
An Encounter through the Internet and a Unique “Friendship” : Ethnography of a Fan Group whose Relationship has changed from Internet to Face-To-Face Atsuko SHIMIZU PDF
Support for Participation in Labor Self-Management : Possibilities and Limitations in the Workers’ Collective Yuzu FUSHIMI PDF
The Two Sides of Nationalism : Distinguishing Feelings Towards Symbol and Country Shinsuke FURUSAWA PDF

No. 9

Title Author Link to repository
The Heritage of the Theory of Alienation Ken’ichi MISAWA PDF
The Life Courses and Life Histories of Air Pollution Victims : Life Course Research and Life History Survey from Amagasaki City Kumiko SUGIMOTO PDF
Public Sense amongst Forest Volunteers Shuji KURIMOTO PDF
Social Networks of the Elderly in the Suburbs : Network Structure and Socialization of Life Shishido KUNIAKI PDF
Occupational Preference of University Students : A Quantitative Analysis Using Shimane University Data Keizo YAMAMOTO PDF
Popular Songs of Japanese Post-Adolescence Culture : How Have Songs of Encouragement Screened Youth from Social Reality? Takeshi YOSHIOKA PDF


Title Author Link to repository
When Multiculturalism Appears Obsolete : Multiculturalism and Hong Kong Immigrants in Canada Makio MORIKAWA PDF
Communality in Forest Volunteers Shuji KURIMOTO PDF
Performance Measurement of a Local Government Promotion of Civic Engagement Utilizing “Social Activities” in National Survey of Social Life Yuko OCHI PDF
Community-Based Management : A Review of Case Studies on Relationships Between New/ Condominiums and Old/ Native Residents in Central Districts of Kyoto City Yukitaka TANAKA PDF
Relationship Between the Structure of “ba” and Changing Self : Through Analysing the Experience of Camp Leader Kentaro YOSHIMOTO PDF